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CY2D HL9030

Airplane structure for the greatest mechanical stability for large plates.

Cy-laser HD9030 Fiber Laser Cutting System


Introducing the CY2D HL9030 Fiber Laser Cutting System, a state-of-the-art solution meticulously designed to harness the full potential of fiber laser technology. This system utilizes the revolutionary EVO III proprietary cutting head, developed and built by Cy-laser, to provide unparalleled precision and performance. Its construction philosophy, based on off-the-shelf components and interoperability, offers reliability and adaptability.

The CY2D HL9030 is compatible with the leading machine and CAD-CAM software available in the market, providing seamless integration and flexibility. The system’s “Airplane” structure ensures absolute precision and mechanical stability, eliminating the need for repositioning while delivering maximum precision even on large plates. With horizontal material storage and the ability to process multiple plates on a single pallet, the CY2D HL9030 offers efficient workflow and increased productivity.

Key Features

CY2D HL9030: FIBER LASER CUTTING SYSTEM 10’x30′ (9000MM X 3000MM) For the greatest mechanical stability

  • Specifically designed to take advantage of fiber laser technology and processes
  • Construction philosophy utilizing off-the-shelf components to avoid forced customer retention
  • EVO III proprietary cutting head: designed and built by Cy-laser, combines years of process experience to create the most advanced cutting head in the industry
  • Compatible with the leading CAD-CAM software on the market
  • Absolute precision and mechanical stability thanks to the systems “Airplane” structure
  • No repositioning needs, maximum precision in large plates
  • Horizontal material storage, with the possibility of processing multiple plates on a single pallet


Fiber laser cutting can be utilized on a variety of material- cutting processes and applications.

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Brass

Technical Data

Cutting Area
Cutting Area Xinch358.27
Cutting Area Yinch120.08
Cutting Area Zinch4.72
Nominal Sheet Size Xinch360
Nominal Sheet Size Yinch120
Length, ca. (L)inch937
Width, ca. (W)inch226
Height, ca. (H)inch129
Maximum workpiece weightLb11,880
Max workpiece load per square footlb/sf40.89
Table Changeover Speedinch/sec.8.66
Table Changeover Timesec.90
Available Wattage
up to 20kW
Maximum positioning speed axis X/Yinch/min.3,150
Maximum positioning speed simultaneous axis X/Yinch/min.4,528
Maximum Axis AccelerationG0.8
Mechanical Position Accuracyinch0.000984
Mechanical Edge Detection Accuracy (over 250 mm travel)inch0.000984
Cut Perpendicularity Tolerancesinch0.000393
Machine Weight (without Exaust Filter, Chiller, Laser Generator)Lb80,300
Required Dust Collector (6C)12C
ColorRAL7040 / 5015
Voltage Required (**)V Triphase / HZUpon Request – 50 / 60
Fiber laser cutting system that integrate with your manufacturing process.


Thanks to the user-friendly Cy-laser Open Source Software, our cyber-physical systems seamlessly integrate with other machines in the production cycle. Our tele/self-diagnosis software enables remote control and assistance, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Automate your entire process with CY-Laser fiber laser cutting machines.


Cy-laser systems can integrate with different types of automation, from simple loading and unloading to automated warehousing solutions, for unattended production. Our CYScheduler 4.0 software allows you to manage third-party automation in an integrated way thanks to its open-source philosophy.

Patent# 20100147810

On December 13, 2006 Inventor Livio Campana filed his offical patent; TOOL MACHINE FOR LASER CUTTING OF SHEET AND PIPE MATERIALS.

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