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Pre-owned Machines

Pre-owned Cy-laser machines can be a great alternative to a new system. The selection of products below represents our stock of pre-owned machines.

  • Pre-owned CY2D L6020 (2014)

    Pre-owned CY2D L6020 (2014)

    This is a fantastic opportunity involving a 2014 Fiber Optic Laser cutting machine for sheet metal “CY2D L6020”. This impressive machine has dimensions of 6’x20’ and is currently equipped with a four-kilowatt IPG generator. OK

  • Pre-owned CY2D L3015

    Pre-owned CY2D L3015

    CY2D L3015 interfaces with your material load and unload systems and offers our state-of-the-art proprietary laser cutting head. OK

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The Cy-laser Difference

“We make high-end machinery with excellent uptime and serviceability.”

Cy-Laser less downtime icon

Robust and reliable design means less downtime

Cy-Laser fast service icon

Fast and easy to service; another way to keep production rates high

Cy-Laser fiber laser technology worldwide icon

First to introduce fiber technology in 2005, widely used worldwide

Cy-Laser fiber laser cutting icon

Machines designed exclusively for fiber laser

Global company with a local footprint

Cy-laser’s primary location in Italy provides global service and products to hundreds of customers and installations worldwide, while our Michigan location provides local expertise, products, and excellent service to our customers in North America.

Cy-Laser North American Footprint dot map with Italy highlighted
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Cy-laser Service

Our world-class service packages and commitment to customer support are the perfect match for the quality of our products.