Open House USA

26TH-28TH September 2017 - Sterling Heights - MI - USA

Guest of Honor "Technology"
Three days to try the most innovative solutions on the market.
The exhibition will host four of the world's leading leaders in the production of sheet, plate and tube-working machines. CYLaser, Crippa, Mille Miglia Engineering and OMCG will show you their cutting-edge technological solutions.


Fiber laser cutting system
CY2D L3015 8kW

- Access to working area on both sides
- Left or Right End loading layout in order to optimize production flow
- EVO III, the most advanced cutting head in the fiber laser industry suitable up to 10kW
- High-speed cutting with nitrogen or compressed air
- CYSP Servo Piercing feature for fast piercing and small diameter holes
- Vortex option enhances stainless steel plate edge cut quality
- Easy, software-assisted heat management
- High productivity, due to extended beam-on time and dual tables
- Interfaces with Material Load and Unload systems

Hydraulic synchronized press brake

- Nominal working force 1600 kN
- Inverter-operated main motor
- cnc control esautomotion mod. s 650 touchscreen – 15”
- 4 controlled axes (y1-y2-x-r).
- Hydraulic crowning of lower beam with sandwich type system.
- Adjustable intermediate clamps and promecam hardened and ground tools
- Quick release punch clamps with lever.
- Front adjustable sliding back gauge fingers
- Front safety system with laser beam.
- Mechanical side guards
- Rear safety system with light curtains
- Automatic central lubrication
- Double footpedal command
- Front support arms sliding on ball screw guides


Compact, portable SO8 machines are available with 5, 8 and 16 ton capacities and can perform up to 4 high-precision end forming steps. These extremely rigid hydraulic machines feature an adjustable front stop with a tube presence sensor, and are typically placed inside working cells or pre-existing systems. They are controlled via an integral Touch Screen panel.


The 980LE CNC tube bender offers high levels of accuracy and productivity. It can perform multiple, fully automatic bending cycles using a small bending head that facilitates the creation of close shapes in a single cycle, even for tubes that normally require two-way bending. The bending head allows the simultaneous use of multiple types of tooling including different radii, compound clamps, and variable radius dies. An optional “Tangent Boost” device is available to axially push tubes during the bending process in the slide/wiper die


The 1042E CNC tube bender offers a combination of precision and flexibility that can provide significant productivity improvements compared to other processes. This machine performs multiple, fully automatic bending cycles including clockwise and counterclockwise bending. It is designed to accommodate multiple and variable radius dies with straight and compound clamp, and the bending head design integrates automatic part loading and unloading. All ten axes are driven by electric motors with digital technology and controlled by the Siemens 840 Dsl CNC.


The Crippa S2086E CNC tube end forming machines use multiple tool to perform up to 6 end forming operations including punching, cutting, threading, flaring, drilling and rolling. Tool changes are performed rapidly under CNC control to achieve high production rates while maintaining high levels of quality and precision. The S2086E features Crippa’s “Full Electric” technology where each axis is powered and controlled by a digital servomotor to assure high quality, save energy, and reduce set-up/start-up times. These machines have very rigid structures and a front-stop unit equipped with a sensor to detect tube presence and position.


Hydraulic units to do expanding, reducing, endsizing, dimples, beading and carry out special endorming processes on tubes by using segmented tooling designed with rotation and progressive incremental of the inner fingers and external jaws. Diameter range between 25 mm and 70 mm, endsizing length up to 80 mm according to diameter tube and max wall thickness of 2 mm.


This electro-pneumatic machine is able to cut straight or pre-bent tubes by using an elliptically rotating blade moving from the inside toward the outside of the tube. The cutting process creayes a minimal burr on the outside and definitely no burr on the inside. The machine is extremely quiet and does not need any oil or coolant during the cut.


It represents the top of OMCG machines and offers the greatest flexibility for bending wire. Equipped with OMCG special eccentric head, it is able to perform the widest range of bends such as generated bends, reverse bend sequences, close bends, etc. The maximum wire diameter varies from 10 to 18 mm depending on the model. The C31E comes with our popular programming software EASY PROGRAMMING 4 featuring realistic 3D simulation.

Open House Location Address
6110 15 Mile Road - 48312 Sterling Heights - Michigan

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