6 - 9 NOVEMBER 2017


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Fiber laser cutting system CY2D L3015 8kW

Access to working area on both sides. Left or Right End loading layout in order to optimize production flow. EVO III, the most advanced cutting head in the fiber laser industry suitable up to 10kW. High-speed cutting with nitrogen or compressed air.

CYSP Servo Piercing feature for fast piercing and small diameter holes. Vortex option enhances stainless steel plate edge cut quality. Easy, software-assisted heat management. High productivity, due to extended beam-on time and dual tables. Interfaces with Material Load and Unload systems.


Hydraulic synchronized press brake CYBEND SC 3160 “STANDARD” SERIES

Nominal working force 1600 kN. inverter-operated main motor. CNC control esautomotion mod. s 650 touchscreen – 15”. 4 controlled axes (y1-y2-x-r). Hydraulic crowning of lower beam with sandwich type system. Adjustable intermediate clamps and promecam hardened and ground tools. quick release punch clamps with lever. Front adjustable sliding back gauge fingers. Front safety system with laser beam. Mechanical side guards. Rear safety system with light curtains. Automatic central lubrication. Double footpedal command. Front support arms sliding on ball screw guides.


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